• What’s it all about Alfie?

    Freeneedle was first launched in 2007 and since then we’ve been constantly looking out for new and exciting sewing patterns and projects.

    We want to link to the very best sewing projects on the web and make it easy for sewing enthusiasts to find new ideas to try out. Over the years we’ve received much positive feedback, both from site owners who have thanked us for driving traffic to their sites and from users who just enjoy being able to find fun sewing patterns.

  • Are all the pages still available?

    We know how frustrating it can be to use a directory and find that page after page is no longer available and, for that reason, we regularly check every link in our database.

    This system is fully automated and relies on other servers supplying a correct response code. Some servers do not return the correct response code meaning that we may continue to link to a page even though the original page is now missing. If you think that you have come across such a page, you can use the Contact Freeneedle page to let us know.

  • What if I know of a great project that isn’t listed on Freeneedle?

    Please get in touch and let us know. There’s a form on this page that you can use, so please do tell us about great sewing patterns that you know about.

  • And what if the great project is my own?

    We don’t believe in false modesty here, so if you’ve put a free sewing pattern or project online that you’re proud of, tell us all about it and we’ll try to make a space for it on Freeneedle.

  • When I use the Pinterest buttons, which page is pinned?

    If you use the button that appears with each project, you’ll pin the original page, not the Freeneedle page – you can click the link below the Pin It button to see the page that will be pinned.

    Every day we see websites that, like Freeneedle, link to great craft projects and it never ceases to amaze us how many of these sites use Pin It buttons to encourage users to pin someone else’s image that will link back to their own page. We think that is wrong and we will never do that.

    We also have Pinterest buttons that will Pin Freeneedle pages, but only for pages that contain links to multiple projects, so you can also Pin Freeneedle for future reference.

  • What if I don’t want my projects or pictures featured on Freeneedle?

    Many site owners have let us know that they’re received noticeable traffic from Freeneedle, but if you’d rather we didn’t link to your projects, please let us know and we’ll promptly remove the links to your site. Since our launch in 2007, we’ve only received two such requests and we complied with both requests within 24 hours.

  • I’ve not given my permission for my image to be used by Freeneedle. Will you remove it?

    In short, yes.

    We strongly believe that our usage of images on Freeneedle falls squarely within the US definition of fair use that applies to copyright works, a brief description of which can be viewed on Wikipedia.

    We would also hope that anyone who read our FAQs in full would accept that we aim to operate Freeneedle in a fair and reasonable manner that will help to drive traffic and associated benefits to the sites that we highlight and link to.

    However, we will always respect the wishes of copyright owners and if we are using one of your images and you would like us to remove the listing from Freeneedle, please get in touch to let us know and we’ll comply promptly.