21 of the Best No Sew Sewing Projects

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No Sew Skirt

This is a super easy and good looking skirt project that couldn’t be easier as it’s no-sew. It uses a clever technique of doubling the fabric at the waist and then threading a rope belt through slits cut in the waist band.

No Sew T-Shirt Hack

This is a quick and easy way to restyle a plain old t-shirt into a top with a racer style back. There’s an easy to follow tutorial with photos of every step of the way if you fancy giving this a go.

No Sew Neoprene Circle Skirt

This is a super easy way to produce a skirt that’s also a bit distinctive by using neoprene as your fabric. With no need for hemming, it’s just a simple case of cutting this circle skirt to your size and it’s ready to wear.

Balenciaga Inspired Crop Top

This daring and striking crop top is also an extremely easy project to make, being completely no-sew if you choose not to go with the gathered straps. There are clear photos with each step to guide you.

How to Make Ruffles Without Gathering

This is a very simple and clever idea for making your own ruffled strips without any need for sewing. It’s obviously rather more wasteful of fabric than gathering strips of fabric, but an idea worth mentioning none-the-less.

Album Cover Tie Front Tank

This is an easy to replicate no-sew project contains a couple of simple ideas that work well together but could be just as good on their own. It uses a cheap plain tee and transfer paper to add a design.

Cut Up T-Shirt

There seems to be no end of different ways that you can refashion a basic t-shirt and this another that falls into the no-sew category. You’ll just need scissors to give this a go and you have the choice of a step by step or video tutorial.

Sheer (Pantyhose) Top

At first glance, this seemed like an eccentric idea, to say the least. However, as the photo shows, this is a stylish look when layered under a tank or strappy top. There’s no sewing required and the tute shows how it will only a few minutes to create your own version with a pair of scissors and pantyhose.

5 Minute No-Sew Tee

Another nice and easy no-sew project for you that shows how to restyle a basic t-shirt. Th knotted shoulder straps give this a really elegant look that could be casual or smart and you just need a pair of scissors to follow along with the tutorial.

Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt

This is a really easy idea for giving a simple fitted sweatshirt a bit more style. This uses a small plate as a guide for cutting the holes from the shoulders. While this is a no-sew project, you could hem the edges if you wanted to neaten the effect a little.

Headband from T-Shirt

There’s two for the price of one in this page that shows how make simply styled but practical headband using an old t-shirt as the base. You’ll find two photo tutorials, one for a sewn headband and the other design being no-sew.

No-Sew Jewelleed Halter Tee

There never seems to be an end to the different creative ways that people find to refashion t-shirts and this one, like so many, is also a no-sew project that anyone with scissors will be able to make. The original collar is resused, though some extra bling is added with metal studs and rhinestones.

Jeans to Ombre Shorts

If you’ve got an old and unloved pair of jeans that are stuffed at the back of the wardrobe, here’s a way to breathe new life into them by refashioning them into a pair of aged shorts with an ombre dye effect. The color effect is actually achieved by bleaching, but the technique is much the same as dying. Note that this tutorial includes a little fruity language.

Asymmetrical Netted T-Shirt

This cut and knotted t-shirt refashioning project will be perfect for the beach and it’s completely no-sew so that anyone with a pair of scissors can give this a go.


Amid all of the sock monkeys that the web is awash with, we seem to have overlooked the cult of the socktopus, but no longer. These are a really fun and simple way to repurpose old or odd socks into cute toys and it’s completely no-sew if you glue the eyes, like in this project description.

One Shoulder T-Shirt

It’s another great looking t-shirt refashion that requires no sewing at all. Using an oversized mens t-shirt as the starting point, the illustrated tute shows how to cut and and then knot the fabric to create a super stylish one shoulder top that belies its humble roots.

Dyed Lips T-Shirt

We recently featured a similar no-sew idea from the witer of this post that used bleach to add the lips design to a colored t-shirt. Here dyes are sprayed onto a white tee to add a design and again the neckline is cut for a more rock and roll look, further enhanced by the gentle smearing of the dye.

Five Minute Draped Vest

This is a super easy no-sew project to refashion a man’s t-shirt into something quite unrecognizable. You’ll just need a pair of scissors if you fancy making your own vest and there’s a video tutorial that helps to further explain the idea.

Heart Printed Denim

This is a super easy no-sew project that’s a very effective way to add your own touch to a pair of jeans and give them a new lease of life. The basic techniques are described in this page and you could look at adpting this with differently shaped stencils or consider random placement of the prints.

No-Sew Babywearing Fleece Poncho

For parents who carry they their young children in a backpack, this fleece poncho will be worth a look for cooler days. Made from a couple of rectangles of fabric and requiring no sewing, this will be an easy project that anyone can turn their hand to.

Woven Paracord Watchband/Bracelet

Here’s a clever no-sew project that I couldn’t resist including, partly so I’d be able to find it myself in the future when I need it. The effect of the woven paracord looks great with a watch and has the appearance of being very comfy.

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