9 Aprons from Recycled Materials

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Farm Girl Apron

Fancy using an old pair of blue jeans for something different to simple cut off shorts? this could be for you then – a head wearing and very pretty full apron made from recycled denim. There’s no need for a pattern as all of the cutting is eyeballed, with a full explanation in the tute.

How To Make A Half Apron From Men’s Shirt

This video tutorial explains how to carry out this repurposing project.

From Old T-Shirt To A Beautiful Apron

Make an apron from two old t-shirts – detailed instructions and downloadable pattern.

Sweater Apron Tutorial

An upcycled old sweater makes for a distinctive full apron design.

Sew a Child’s Apron Using a Dishtowel & Potholder

You can raid the kitchen for the bits you need to make this simple kid’s apron.

Apron from a pair of jeans

This is a great and practical way to breathe a new lease of life into an old pair of jeans.

10 Minute Pillowcase Apron

This is a super quick project to turn an old pillow case into a simple apron.

Jeans Half Apron Tutorial

Pretty apron from a pair of jeans.

Homespun Tea Towel Apron

An unwanted tea towel makes for a quick and easy apron.

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